Posted on by Urvi Agrawal

I’ve always loved the way pillows can instantly spruce up just about any part of your home. If you walked into my home, you’d find pillows everywhere. And it’s not just because I make ‘em, no. It’s because I’m completely in love with them and they make me feel all warm and comforted on the inside. But of course, there is always a science behind everything- including decorating with pillows! There are rights and wrongs; things you ought to do, things you really shouldn’t be doing. Check out my 5 handy tips for decorating with pillows to keep in mind the next time you’re out shopping.

1. Mix, mix, mix: When it comes to pillows, I usually like to mix things up with patterns, shapes, textures and sizes, but if there’s one thing I’m going to tell you today, it’s this: don’t be afraid to decorate with pillows of different sizes. It adds depth and dimension to your couch and that’s always a good thing!


2. No two fabrics: As a rule I advice people against choosing pillow covers the same fabric as their couch. You want to add character and well, having pillow covers the same fabric as your couch is just going to make it look rather dull.


3. No matchy-matchy: You might think you’re doing something great by having all your pillow covers match, but how does that give your couch a layered look? If I were you, I’d mix solids with geometric prints or ruffled pillows with classy suede covers. But hey, that’s just me. Let your imagination run wild with the pillows on your couch.


4. Too many pillows are a strict no-no: Your couch is somewhere you want to kick back after a long day and curl up to relax. You can’t do that if you have a gazillion pillows on your couch. Instead, go with 4 pillows for a medium size couch and 6 pillows for a larger couch. Golden rules...


5. Size matters: Of course it does. You don’t want to decorate a large couch with pillows way too small for it. Similarly, large pillows on a comparatively smaller couch will just be an eye-sore. I usually layer my couches with pillows of 2 sizes (layering is key) and leave the rest to my awfully good taste!



So there you have it! 5 handy tips that will make decorating with pillows SO much easier. Have you checked out our latest selection of pillow covers? Well, what ARE you waiting for?!