Upgrading your interior with decorative throw pillows is always a great idea to bring a new feel to the ambiance. Luxurious throw pillow covers add elegance to your décor and reflect your personality at the same time. At The HomeCentric, you will find pieces that look like they belong right at home with you.


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Our decorative pillow covers are beautifully handcrafted in India by fine artisans and are designed with intricate detailing. They are available in a wide range of colors, fabrics, patterns, embellishments, and shapes and sizes. But before you begin exploring our wide collection of throw pillowcases, allow us to share some important tips to help you pick the right pillow covers for your home or office.

Here are a few important things to keep in mind before you choose your pillow cover –

What sizes to go for?

Size is an essential factor to consider while choosing throw pillowcases, either to fit the pillow properly or to decorate the space elegantly. We understand the different areas in your house or office you'd like to fill in with throw pillow covers. But often you take a step back due to the lack of availability in sizes. You don't need to compromise anymore in your quest for perfection. Apart from the popular sizes, there are many other sizes available at The HomeCentric to suit each space of your décor. 18 x 18 inch, 20 x 20 inch, 22 x 22 inch, and 24 x 24 inch are the most popular sizes for a sofa, chair, study, office, and even bed. There are other sizes like 12 x 12 inch, 14 x 14 inch, 16 x 16 inch, and also 26 x 26 inch. Pick them accordingly; you have a range of options to choose from.

What are the popular fabrics used and what types of shapes are available?

Fabrics are important; they define the style of your décor. The HomeCentric presents you with the best materials for pillow covers. Some popular fabrics are cotton, velvet, linen, and other on-trend fabrics range from felt, suede, leather, and polyester to satin, jacquard, and silk. Cotton and linen are widely preferred for summers. While suede, velvet, leather, jacquard are picked according to the color tone of the décor. Satin and silk are great for making a statement; they simply depict luxury in each color and design.

The shapes of throw pillow covers are also what adds a spark to the ambiance. We all know how lumber pillows have comforted us for ages, from the peaceful sleep in the bedroom to that sofa gossip with a lumbar pillow on your lap. Our collection includes square pillow covers and round pillow covers, too, for that extra drama. The throw pillow covers in our assortment come in shapes like rectangle, lumbar, round, and square. Each shape has its own style that beautifies the ambiance.

What are the key points to keep in mind while choosing a pillow cover for a pillow insert?

  • The first thing is to know the size of your pillow, easy? Yes, that's just it. Knowing the size of your pillow, you could easily pick the right pillowcase, whether it’s square, round, or lumbar.
  • The next key point is to note the filling in your pillow. Mostly, to attain the right shape, foam is used for round pillows. Down pillows are softer, yes, definitely costly, but they are worth it. Then comes polyester, which        is widely popular and also used for decorative pillow covers. Once you know the filling, you'll know what kind of cover you need.
  • After checking the size and fabric of the pillowcase according to your choice and space, choose if you want it for decorative purposes or solely for comfort.


Choosing Pillow Covers

What are the different styles and patterns of a throw pillow cover?

Choosing pillow covers goes way beyond just picking the right color for your pillowcase – it's about exploring different styles and patterns of throw pillow covers too. At The HomeCentric, we have various pillow covers segregated into themes that range from contemporary to Victorian, modern to traditional, and Asian to the Mediterranean, along with tropical and beach styles. These themes bring plenty of unique and exotic styles to the table. All these styles consist of elements that create a feel of the theme and reflect it through the color or detailing on the throw pillow cover. Small shells can signify a lot about a theme, also the different hues. Similarly, if we go by patterns, there is a wide range starting from abstract to animal, birds to sea creatures, chevrons to stripes, floral to geometric, and so many more.


Throw Pillow Cover

What kind of artwork or details can you find on throw pillow covers?

The beauty of throw pillow cases lies in the skill of the designer who precisely picks each piece taking into context different elements like theme, fabric, pattern, and finish. The creative work done on each pillowcase is specifically chosen to create a different vibe. From color to fabric, each element complements the make of the pillowcase. But what adorns the pillow cover the most are the details on it that reflect its excellent craftsmanship. The beaded work, for example, is done carefully to form a systematic sequence of its design. Similarly, the embroidery is tailored to make a chic pattern, while pearls and rhinestones are placed thoughtfully to enrich the appeal of the throw pillow cover. Soft pintucks and ruffles just make the design more comforting, and sequins provide an excellent finish to the decorative pillowcases.

What are the popular color palettes for throw pillow covers?

A piece of décor can't just go without talking about its color. Color is something that not only reflects your taste and psychology of how you feel, but also creates a specific vibe. The popular shades of throw pillow covers range from beige to blue, maroon, gray, and brown. But, it's not necessary that a popular color would always match your style; it's good to be unique, right?
  • So, while choosing a color for your pillowcase, remember the color tone of the space you want to put it in.
  • Then make sure you’re keeping the same pattern for different colors or same colors with various patterns or creating a color duo or trio with a single pattern.
  • Once you decide the pattern or theme, accordingly choose the color either in warm shades or in cooler tones.
  • If you already have pillowcases with contrasting shades, then a good option would be to pick colors that would neutralize those tones, like beige, white, gray, or black.
  • The final step is to notice if the color you are choosing is going with the fabric or if other fabrics might complement it better.
Considering all these points, you will easily pick your pillow cover.

What are the different closure types of a throw pillow cover?

Here are a few different types of closures –
  • An envelope closure that is simply a tie-up closure from both sides, resembling an envelope.
  • Then, a zipper closure, which is a zipper, to secure the insert.
  • Another one is the drawstring closure that allows for tightening up the pillowcase closure and secures it with a perfect fit.
  • The flap closure is a simple flap covering the pillow cover that ensures easy access for its removal.

Out of all these closures, the one that really allows access, proper securing of the insert, and helps maintain the cleanliness of insert is the zipper closing. It is an easy, simple, and long-lasting way and works for both decorative pillow covers as well as pillowcases for just comfort.



What are the tips for decorating your décor with throw pillow covers?

The best tip is to follow your heart while keeping these 3 basic things in mind –
  • Color
  • Pattern
  • Fabric

Yes, the perfect combination of these three elements will do the magic.
Choose the color according to your furniture, complementing the color tones of your curtains, sofas, walls, and other elements in your home. It is also important to select fabrics and patterns that complement the shade and create the vibes that you like. Pick a theme like traditional, modern, Victorian, or whatever you like, and you are good to go!


Decorating Tips

How to arrange pillows on sofas and sectionals?

For arranging pillows on sofas and sectionals, there are three basic requirements –
  • Select the pillows by color or pattern. If you are choosing a different color, make sure the pattern is the same or vice versa.
  • Secondly, see how many of them you have. Pick a number from three to five. Six is well, too much, and less than three, it feels incomplete.
  • Place them according to the color or pattern you have chosen, in case of the same pattern, make sure to add a neutral tone like beige, black, brown, or white between them. If you go by the same color, then no             matter the pattern, they will all look great.
Just a quick tip, place the throw pillow covers in a way that highlights their silhouette properly. For instance, a square-shaped pillow can be placed like a diamond.
Also, for lumbar pillows, don't choose a number exceeding three, or it would look like another bed.

How to maintain throw pillow covers?

  • For throw pillow covers, dry cleaning is the best option to maintain the look and originality of the product.
  • When ironing, make sure to keep the temperature on a low degree. But remember for decorative cushions with delicate embroideries, we recommend placing a cloth over the cushion and suggest you iron it on the       backside.

Just keep in mind not to leave your soft furnishings out in the sun for too long.


Pillow Cover Maintenance

What creates a difference in the price range of throw pillow covers?

The price range of throw pillow covers is generally affected by the material used in its craftsmanship. Apart from the design and its finishing, some elements mainly create a difference in the price range.
  • Fabric is a major factor since we know how some fabrics are more sought after than others. They have a higher demand and therefore a higher price too.
  • Detailing is the next key point since the technique, and hard work required to properly place each bead, sequin, or any other embellishment, and even embroidery requires skill and time and consequently drives up       the cost.

From where to buy throw pillow covers online?

At The HomeCentric, you can find a wide range of decorative throw pillow covers that will surely meet your expectations. We offer high-quality, luxurious throw pillow covers that are handmade by the skilled artisans in India. You can also customize your orders to fit your choices. We provide separate embellishments with each pillow cover for further use.

Can you request for customization of throw pillow covers online?

The HomeCentric provides the option for customization on orders, enabling you to comfortably buy decorative pillowcases with the choice of your color, detail, fabric, and size. Customization is not limited just to throw pillow covers, but you can also buy fabric separately to create your own masterpieces. You can also explore our other range of table runners, bed runners, bed shams, and more.

At The HomeCentric, you will find great styles and unique patterns in a range with multiple options. Just pick a style, a pattern, and a color, and see an array of detailing options open out for you to choose from. Go explring!