Bed runners are designed to give your bedroom a lively, creative, and attractive feel with fewer inputs and changes. As the name suggests – they run across the bed to impart a luxurious look to your space. They come in an array of fabrics, patterns, and styles – all you need to do is choose the right one! But, before you start looking for your ideal bed runner, it is necessary to understand some factors and consider some essential points. So, get comfortable – we have a lot to cover in this bed runner guide!

What is a Bed Runner and its purpose?

A bed runner is a long piece of cloth, designed to decorate beds or sofas. Smaller than the usual sheets, bed runners accentuate the look of your bed. Resembling a shawl or a rectangular strip, bed runners are laid across the foot of the bed or in the middle – wherever they look the best!

They were initially used in hotels to help with maintaining and keeping the beds clean. But as time passed, bed runners gained popularity as beautiful décor pieces. When paired with matching pillow covers, these add the much-needed elegance to your bedrooms.

The part of keeping the bed clean still applies in hotels as people mostly tend to open their luggage on these bed runners. Also, if you have a pet who loves to lay at the foot of the bed, bed runners can be the ideal choice for you – isn’t it easier to clean a small piece of cloth rather than whole sheets?

What are the available sizes for Bed Runners?

Size, size, size – rule to abide by if you want your bed runners to lay beautifully on your beds. Choose the one that’s not too big or too small – just the perfect one that lays across the foot of your bed. Here are the most commonly preferred sizes for bed runners:

  • Twin - 53 x 18 inch
  • Full - 68 x 18 inch
  • Queen - 74 x 18 inch
  • CA King - 86 x 18 inch
  • King - 90 x 18 inch

If you want to redecorate your bed effortlessly or are trying to attain a minimalistic decor look – then bed runners can be your go-to! At times choosing the ideal one can be tedious – let’s walk through the two popular choices – single vs. set.

Single Bed Runners VS Bed Runners with matching pillows sets

A single bed runner can change the entire look of your bed while giving a fresh vibe to the décor. It eliminates the need for altering your duvet cover sets, bedsheets, and pillow covers for a new look.

Buying a bed runner with matching pillow sets can completely change the look and feel of your interiors. All you need to do is pick the right color and pattern that complements the shades of your wall, and duvet.

What are the available colors and fabrics for Bed Runners?

Bed runners come in a variety of colors and durable fabrics. Colors like beige, ivory, and cream, blue, brown, golden, green, yellow, red, pink, and white dominate the bed runner family!

Neutral tones are good if you want to add subtleness to your décor. If you want to create a striking impression, choose from dark and contrasting tones. Bed runners are available in fabrics like cotton, linen, satin, silk, velvet, and many others. Select the fabric that goes best with the present season.

Understand the kind of theme you want to incorporate in your bedroom interiors. Decide if the bed runner needs to blend elegantly with the décor or make a mark separately. Then choose the color and fabric.

Which Bed Runner material is the best?

Every bed runner material is good as long as it aligns with your interior décor requirements. Usually, linen is the go-to bed runner fabric for hotels – thanks to the easy launder part.

You should definitely explore all the fabrics and see what goes best for your bedroom.

What are the patterns and styles available for Bed Runners?

Decorative bed runners come in an assortment of patterns and styles for all types of interiors. Choosing the right style says a lot about the theme of your décor. Bed runners are usually categorized into styles like contemporary, modern, traditional, Asian, farmhouse, tropical, and more. According to the desired style, you can opt for patterns like French toile, oriental, ombre, Moroccan, ikat, and many more. Don’t go overboard with the pattern – there’s a fine line that you must maintain to ensure it doesn’t disturb the style or ambiance of your bedroom.

Every detail of your bed runner, including the color and fabric are interconnected with each other – so, choose something that accentuates each of these aspects.

How to choose your Bed Runner?

Choosing a bed runner might be tricky due to a variety of options. We are here to make it easy for you:

  • The basic requirement before selecting any bed runner is to choose the correct size. Note the measurements of your bed and see which bed runner size is best suited.
  • Notice the lighting, the color of your bedroom wall, curtains, and duvet cover. Then decide if you need a neutral, light, or dark-colored bed runner.
  • Once you’ve chosen your bedroom theme, go ahead, and choose the appropriate pattern.
  • Make sure that the color and the fabric complement each other – you can also add different textures to make a unique style statement.

Just note these points, and you’ll easily be able to make a perfect choice!

How to decorate your space with a Bed Runner?

Here’s how you can lend your bedroom a charming essence with an elegant bed runner:

  • Pick a bed runner that gives a rejuvenating feel to the ambiance. Select the color, pattern, and other details based on your bedroom interior.
  • Placing the bed runner at the center gives a detailed appeal that automatically steals all the attention – keeping the style of your décor perfectly balanced.
  • You can even place it at the foot of your bed on top of your sheets.
  • Add matching pillow sets with your bed runner – this will definitely add the hint of “new” to your space.

Why are Bed Runners expensive?

Bed runners sometimes seem expensive, the reason being the cost of the fabric, embellishments, handcrafted embroidery, or design. All these factors play an essential role in designing good quality bed runners – thereby affecting its price.

How to wash a Bed Runner?

Decorative bed runners are delicate and need proper care. It is necessary to follow the correct cleaning measures for long-term use.

Always dry clean or spot dry your bed runners. You can get rid of the wrinkles with the help of a cool iron or steamer. Be careful if you opt for mild hand wash at home, it may cause damage to the embellishments or embroideries.

Fold and keep the bed runner in place when not in use and make sure the beads or design aren’t layered with dust over time.

Where can I buy a Bed Runner?

You can buy luxurious decorative bed runners at The HomeCentric from an extensive range. We offer bed runners that are 100% handcrafted by Indian artisans. The bed runners come in an array of colors, patterns, styles, and sizes. Designed with intricate detailing, our bed runners are popularly used for premium decor.

In case you have something different in mind – share those ideas with us, and we’ll customize your orders accordingly!

Sylte your bed with this small piece of décor and see how your room sings songs of richness and class!