The finest aesthetically designed spaces give equal consideration to comfort and style. We benefit greatly from having comfortable seating and well-decorated interiors. Lumbar pillows are perfect for use in either setting; you can use them for decorative purposes or just to give your back some much-needed support.

Our buying guide will give you a few useful tips and help you have a better understanding of what lumbar pillows are, popular cover sizes and colors available, and how to use and maintain them. You can browse through our luxurious collection of handmade lumbar pillow covers at The HomeCentric and pick the ones that best suit your décor and taste.


What are lumbar pillows?

Lumbar pillows are a very useful accessory to have as they style your space and help prevent strain on your back muscles.

Lumbar pillows are designed to help keep your spine in proper alignment and your seated position as comfortable as possible. Usually made from memory foam, they are light and portable, and are fabricated to follow the curve of your back. Great for your back, and with a nice decorative pillow cover thrown over them, it also helps boost the visual appeal of your room.


What are the popular sizes of lumbar pillows?

Lumbar pillows are rectangular in shape, and the most common dimensions are 12 x 18 inches or 12 x 20 inches. However, at The HomeCentric, besides the popular sizes, we offer you a wider range of lumbar pillow covers sizes to pick from. Our other available size options are 12 x 14 inches, 12 x 16 inches, 12 x 22 inches, 12 x 24 inches and 12 x 26 inches.


When is the right time to replace a lumbar pillow?

Ideally, every 1 to 2 years.

Though the quality, construction of the material, and usage would determine how long your lumbar pillow will last, the basic rule of thumb to follow is to replace your pillow every 1 to 2 years.

Also, if you notice any of the following, you'll know it's time to replace your pillow:

  • You find noticeable lumps in the foam or filler materials
  • There are noticeable, permanent stains from body sweat and oil
  • After resting on one, you get up with aches and pains
  • You start sneezing from the dust mites

What are the popular fabrics used for lumbar pillow covers?

Fabrics are a cornerstone of design and functionality. The right choice of fabric can add a touch of comfort and luxury to your interiors. You can find a selection of fine materials for your lumbar pillow at The HomeCentric. Our comfort fabric range includes cotton, velvet, and linen, and our selection of suede and silk lumbar pillow covers is an ideal pick if you are looking for modern luxe options. While linen and cotton are widely preferred for summers and a casual beach style setting, for both Victorian and contemporary settings, satin, silk, suede and, velvet all sit equally well.

What are the different styles & patterns of lumbar pillows covers?

Our luxurious collection of handmade lumbar pillow covers can add the perfect finishing touch to any setting. With a variety of unique and beautiful styles, patterns, and embellishments, our designer range offers you an exquisite collection to pick from. The perfect mix of form and expression, our lumbar pillow covers are decorative and can spruce up the look of any room, providing stunning accents for sofas, couches, and beds.

Styles – Simple yet gorgeous, the addition of a beautifully crafted lumbar pillow cover can boost the visual appeal of any room. If you're looking for a particular style, we surely have it. From contemporary style covers to Victorian-style ones, and from modern to summertime beach style ones, you are sure to find many that appeal.

Patterns – Lumbar pillows are a great and easy way to add color, texture, and contrast to any room. Modern or contemporary style homes require more of abstract, geometric, and striped patterns. Damask, French toile, Moroccan, or solid patterns are perfect to jazz up any vintage-style homes. For the closer to nature look, natural and floral patterns help provide some visual interest. We even have some designer lumbar pillow covers adorned with patterns that represent sea creatures, birds, or animals that can infuse some whimsical style into any room.

Detailing – Meticulously handcrafted by Indian craftsmen, all our lumbar pillow covers are also available with interesting detailing. Embellished with on-trend beads, classy pearls, modern pintucks, delicate ruffles, mesmerizing rhinestones, and glamorous sequins, they can be a gorgeous addition to any home.

What is the popular color palette for lumbar pillow covers?

Colors are known to have a language of their own and play a significant role when planning the interiors of any space. They evoke emotions and are a reflection of your taste. However, to create a specific vibe, it is important to follow a theme.

Here are some of the popular shades available which can help you select the best lumbar pillow covers to match your décor:

Available shades: Our lumbar pillow covers are available in classic soothing colors like beige, white, pink, blue, ivory, or cream. If you are looking to brighten your room, you can opt for a vibrant red, or copper, orange, green, purple, gold, or multicolored options. They are also available in neutral shades of brown, black, and gray.

Choosing the shades
  1. If your chosen décor has a particular pattern, make sure you choose a similar pattern for your lumbar pillow covers in a matching tone, or you can also create a palette by keeping the colors constant and playing with the patterns or textures.
  2. If the pillowcases and other elements of the décor are in contrasting colors, it will be good to neutralize the space with tones like beige, gray, black, or white. However, if the colors in the existing setting are bland or neutral, a vibrant hue will make the space more lively.


What are the key points to keep in mind while choosing a lumbar pillow cover for a pillow insert?

With a few questions answered, it will be relatively easy for you to pick the right pillow cover for your pillow.
  • First and foremost, to know is the size of your pillow.
  • Is it going to be placed in the bedroom, living room, or your workspace?
  • Do you want it for decorative purposes or solely for comfort?
These basic questions will help you gain clarity on your expectations. Here are the important key points:
  1. Be sure of the size of your lumbar pillow. This will ensure you pick the correct size for the cover.
  2. Your selection of fabric will add value to your décor. To choose the right fabric, give weightage to your purpose. If you are looking exclusively for comfort, opt for fabrics like cotton, linen, or velvet. However, if the goal is to glam up your bedroom or living room, go for fabrics like silk, satin, or suede.
  3. Choosing covers embellished with beads, embroidery, ruffles, sequins, or pintucks is ideal if you want a decorative piece.
  4. While making a purchase, zoom in carefully to inspect the texture and finish of the embellishments.
  5. Check the aesthetic of the flap covered zipper on the back. See if it offers easy insertion and removal of inserts.
  6. Hassle-free return and refund policy to protect your interest in case you are not satisfied with your purchase will be helpful.


Where should a lumbar pillow be placed on a king size bed or queen size bed?

There are many, many ways you could arrange pillows on a king size bed or queen size bed. Lumbar pillows placed in the front always work well, but you could always mix your pillow arrangement around to see what suits your personal style and comfort the most.

Tip: Introducing a rectangular shape to a square pillow party is sometimes a nice way to add some variety and style to your arrangement.

The suggestions below might be a starting point for you to create that perfect mix of your own.
  • To create a structured yet eclectic look (from back to front), you'll need: Two Bed Pillows + Two 26″ Pillows + One rectangular Lumbar Pillow. In the back, create the first row by placing the largest of the three pillows, then layer the next size in front of it with a small overlap, and last add your rectangular lumbar pillow overlapping both pillows behind it.
  • For the fully pillowfied look (from back to front), you'll require: Two Bed Pillows + Two Euro Shams + Two Standard Shams and Two Lumbar Pillows. This look works best for beds with a slightly taller headboard so that even after your pillow setting is done, you still see at least a few inches of the headboard above. Start with two sleeping pillows placed upright against the headboard, then two Euro shams, two standard shams, and lastly, two lumbar pillows in front work well to complete the look.

How to maintain and care for your lumbar pillow cover?

The care and maintenance of your lumbar pillow cover will depend on the fabric and the work on it. For an easy-care routine, remember the points below:

  1. If you have basic covers in cotton and solid colors, you can hand wash or rinse them in cold water and dry them in the shade.
  2. If you have decorative pieces with patterns or embellishments, dry cleaning is a safer choice to make them last longer.
  3. While ironing your lumbar pillow covers, keep the temperature low.
  4. Do not expose them to harsh sunlight for longer duration


What creates the difference in the price range of lumbar pillow covers?

The cost of the fabric, embellishments used, and its finish determine the cost of the cover. Fabrics like silk, linen, suede, and so on are more sought after than the other materials. Similarly, the intricate details and finish of the embroidery or embellishments like beads, sequins, and ruffles used all add up to the cost.

Ways of opening & closing (closure types) lumbar pillow covers?

Here are a few different types of closures:
  • An envelope closure that is simply a tie-up closure from both sides, resembling an envelope.
  • Then, a zipper closure, which is a zipper, to secure the insert.
  • Another one is the drawstring closure that allows for tightening up the pillowcase closure and secures it with a perfect fit.
  • The flap closure is a simple flap covering the pillow cover that ensures easy access for its removal.
Out of all these closures, the one that really allows access, proper securing of the insert, and helps maintain the cleanliness of insert is the zipper closing. It is an easy, simple, and long-lasting way and works for both decorative lumbar pillow covers as well as daily use covers for just comfort.

From where can you buy lumbar pillow covers online?

At The HomeCentric online store, you can find a wide range of decorative lumbar pillow covers that will surely meet your expectations. We offer high-quality, luxurious lumbar pillow covers that are handmade by skilled artisans in India. You can also customize your orders to fit your choices. We provide separate embellishments with each pillow cover for further use.

Can you request for customization of lumbar pillow covers online?

The HomeCentric provides the option for customization on orders, enabling you to comfortably buy decorative lumbar pillow covers with the choice of your color, detail, fabric, and size. Customization is not limited just to lumbar pillow covers, but you can also buy fabric separately to create your own masterpieces. You can also explore our other range of pillow covers, table runners, bed runners, bed shams, and more.