Decorative duvet covers are essential to up your décor game and are widely used in luxurious home décors and even prestigious hotels. Before buying a duvet cover, there are many important factors to consider and things to understand. Our guide will help you with all the details that you need to know about duvet covers.


Decorative Duvet Cover


Understanding the difference between a Comforter and a Duvet

Carefully tailored for bedrooms, duvets and comforters are both used as a top sheet or a blanket. A few significant points distinguish them from one another.
  • A duvet is usually filled with synthetic fibers or down feathers, but unlike a comforter, it is not stitched to keep the filling in a specific place.
  • A comforter is also much larger than the bed, while duvets are available in multiple sizes.
  • A duvet is fluffy and soft; it requires a duvet cover, just like a pillowcase that can be changed according to your style need.

As a part of luxurious home décor, duvet covers bring sophisticated appeal and add extravagance to the ambiance.

What are the sizes of a Duvet Cover? How to tuck in an insert in a Duvet Cover?

Each bed is designed with different measurements; therefore, duvet covers come in a variety of sizes.

The sizes range from:

  • Twin - 59 x 80 inch
  • Full/Double - 80 x 80 inch
  • Queen - 90 x 88 inch
  • King - 102 x 90 inch
  • California King - 104 x 94 inch

It is always preferable to choose duvet covers one size larger than the bed. While selecting a duvet cover, make sure it has a good closure for the easy removal of the insert.

A comforter can also be used as an insert. Due to large sizes, sometimes, it takes a lot of time to tuck in the insert. Although, there is an easy way of doing it, with minimum effort and time.

  • Turn your duvet cover inside out and place the insert over it.
  • Make sure you tie the top corners of the cover and the insert from the opposite ends of the cover opening.
  • Comfortably reach your arms to the corners of the cover and turn its right side out.
  • Slightly lift it, so the insert properly fits in.
  • Find the closure and secure the cover before placing it on the bed.


Duvet Covers


How to choose a Duvet Cover, and what are its benefits?

There are a few factors to consider before buying a perfect duvet cover for your bedroom.
  • The primary factor to note is the size of the cover you need according to the insert.
  • Select your cover from the fabric that comforts you the best.
  • Make sure your duvet cover has a fine closure to secure the insert properly.
  • The appearance of the cover plays a prominent role, choose according to the color, style, and pattern that goes best with your décor.  

Widely used for enhancing the appeal of the décor, the essential job of a duvet cover is to keep the insert clean. A duvet cover also provides an ease to re-decorate and switch styles of your bedroom interiors whenever you like. Available in an array of designs, it is also considered a better option than using a regular blanket.

How to decorate your bedroom with Duvet Covers?

Selecting the right cover to decorate your bedroom space requires the mix and match of colors, styles, and patterns. You can either go with the seasonal colors and patterns or incorporate your creative ideas.
  • Note down the important elements of your interior that might help you create a theme; considering the color of your walls or lighting is a great start.
  • Accordingly, pick a color and a complementing pattern.
  • Try not to go overboard with contrasting shades or bold patterns.
  • Explore the different styles of duvet covers for a wider range of options.
  • Buying the duvet cover along with matching pillowcases will save your time instead of choosing them separately.
  • Make sure that you select the fabric type before you go for the appearance. 

How to wash & care for a Duvet Cover?

Duvet covers are luxurious bedding materials, therefore require proper care. Different types of duvet covers come with specific wash instructions due to their design and detailing. For decorative duvet covers, it is highly recommended to dry clean or spot dry. You can also remove wrinkles from a cool iron or steamer. Be careful if you opt for mild handwash at home, it might cause damage to the embellishments or embroidery. Fold and keep the duvet cover in place when not in use and make sure the beads or design doesn't catch dust.


Duvet Cover Care


Where to buy luxury Duvet Covers from?

The HomeCentric features luxurious duvet covers in an assortment of colors, patterns, styles, and fabrics. All our duvet covers are equipped with a zip closure at the back to secure the insert properly. Suitable for all seasons, our duvet covers are 100% handcrafted from cotton, linen, satin, and velvet.

The range we provide offers enticing styles, including contemporary, modern, traditional, craftsman, and Mediterranean. Designed with intricate detailing, our decorative duvet covers come in abstract, chevron, French toile, geometric, nature and floral, paisley, and striped patterns. The HomeCentric offers single duvet covers, along with matching sets.


Our 3-Piece-Sets come with the following contents:

  • A duvet cover in twin, double, or queen size with two standard-size (20"x26", 50x65 cm) pillowcases.
  • For King or California King size duvet covers, two King size (20"x36", 50x90 cm) pillowcases are included in the set. 

Our 8-Piece-Sets come with the following contents:

  • A duvet cover in twin, double, or queen size with two standard-size (20"x26", 50x65 cm) pillowcases.
  • For King or California King size duvet covers, two King size (20"x36", 50x90 cm) pillowcases are included in the set.
  • Two euro shams in 26"x26" (65x65 cm) size.
  • Two decorative square pillow covers in 16"x16" (40x40 cm) size.
  • One lumbar pillow cover in 12"x18" (30x45 cm) size.

Our services also include customization on orders for your convenience.

Keeping all the above points in focus, select your perfect duvet cover from The HomeCentric and rejuvenate your décor according to your taste. Let your creative juices flow with our premium collection!