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Your daughter is all set to move into her dorm room. And being the doting mother that you are, you’re obviously going to want her to have the best room she can possibly have. Now, while you don’t want to cramp her style, you want to be able to help her out in a way that she can have absolutely the best dorm room she could have- a place where she can truly feel at home. Here’s how you can help your daughter pretty up her dorm room this fall.

1. Create a checklist: Not to sound boring, but moms all over the world know that checklists can really help us get by. Create a checklist of all the things you think she might need and gently run them by her to see what she thinks. Your list should ideally include a first aid kit, canned foods, kitchenware and utensils, toiletries, hampers and laundry detergent. We found this list to be pretty

2. Helping her create a wall mural: Now that we’ve dealt with the practical aspects of setting up a dorm room, it’s time to get down to some fun. One of the best budget-friendly ways to prettying up a dorm room is by helping your daughter put up a printable wall mural might just be the way to go.

3. Bookshelves : These needn’t be stacked with study material, but just about anything. Books that remind her of home, growing up, magazines, her favorite books of all time. Well, you could also throw in a couple of resourceful books here or there. We’re sure she wouldn’t mind. Buy one from your local thrift store or even build one together. Your daughter is sure to love it.

4. A blast of color with pillow covers: Throw pillows are a perfect way of adding personality to any room. And you can definitely have pillows to match your daughter’s personality and decorating style. Choose from the wide array of pillow cover styles here at The HomeCentric- suede, leather, velvet, silk and so much more. You’ll never run out of choices!

5. Photo buntings: Yes, photo buntings. Such a great way to remind your daughter or her friends and family back home. Plus, these are really so simple to make as well! Just clip on some of her favorite pictures to a string or rope and help her hang them wherever she may like.

6. String lights galore: String lights are most versatile when it comes to decorating a room. Fill them up in a jar, wrap them around your bed post, drape them over a chalkboard or suspend them from the ceiling to create a canopy. There’s so much you can do with them and they cost pretty much nothing!

Get started on helping your daughter pretty up her dorm room and you’re sure to score some major brownie points with her!