Posted on by Urvi Agrawal

Our home is where each of our desires can find a place, either in that small wind chime, or in the wall colors, or upholstery patterns, or in pieces of great furniture that hold memories. But what if you could bring a destination home? This summer season, create vacation vibes and experience a trip to the seaside while sitting comfortably in your home. All you need are some throw pillow covers to change the ambiance entirely. Yes, you heard it right, just some cushion covers. Sounds interesting? Just wait till you actually do it.

To get started, there are some things you’d need to take care of,

Set the mood with furniture

Figure out the spaces that you’re targeting. Then, check the make of your furniture, does it mostly represent wooden work, or glass, or is it something else? The next steps depend on the type of furniture that you’d be dressing.

Color theme and pattern

No expertise required; it’s just a mix and match. A good tip is to choose between color and pattern. When keeping the same color, you can showcase different patterns to form a combined theme. If not, then go with the pattern and play with colors. Try neutralizing contrasting tones with white or brown.

               Important Mentions: 

              Use the light source to highlight the texture.

              Scatter light with mirrors.

              Make use of windows.

And now begins the action, pick a theme.



The word ‘beach’ creates a beautiful landscape in mind. The feeling of that warm sand, slowly slipping between your fingers. A gentle touch of calmness when the rushing waves softly tickle your feet.  Palm trees, cold coconut water, that lively breeze; everything you see pulls you closer to that memory. It’s time you actually bring it in. Make an enticing sequence of throw pillow covers designed with aquatic beings like the Starfish, also called as the ‘sea star.’  It’s totally okay if you want to add a touch of wit with a crab pillow design - even a lobster themed cover would work.

Gold Starfish Pillow Cover Crab Throw Pillow Cover Lobster Pillow Cover Starfish Pillow Cover Crab Outdoor Throw Pillow Cover Lobster Outdoor Throw Pillow Cover


Yes, there, don’t let that feeling go. That sound of waves. Stay there, let it in and bring that color with you. In the hues of blue and green, somewhere lies the shade that you seek. Confused? Then let the pattern in. Let the designs do the talking. Bohemian shells for that freedom feel, and don’t forget to include seaweeds, sea horses, and other amazing coastal patterns. When talking about the sea, nautical designs cannot be missed. Try the anchor or the sailboat wheel design for that feeling of action in the sea.

Sea Horse Outdoor Pillow Cover Sea Weeds Pillow CoverSea Horse Pillow Cover Sea Weeds Pillow Cover Sailor Pillow Cover Anchor Throw Pillow Cover


Haven’t you heard,’’ underwater is where fantasies lie’’? Corals are a significant fashion symbol when talking about the wonders that lie below the sea surface. Give your space a vibrant appeal, pairing colors and patterns with designs of sea creatures – it might end up looking like the dreamy underwater itself. To add a glimmer to the theme, a jellyfish design is a great choice. Merge it with different shades and luxurious fabrics like silk and linen.

Nautical Throw Pillow Cover Jelly Fish Throw Pillow Cover Coastal Decorative Pillow Cover Sea Shell Pillow Cover Fish Ocean Throw Pillow Cover Lobster Outdoor Throw Pillow Cover


What better than bringing your imagination alive. Create something of your own, no matter how crazy it may sound; it will definitely be unique in appeal. Just don’t go overboard with the shades, simple is always better.

And, remember to add some curios from your trips to the seaside to complete your vacation vibe at home – don’t underestimate the power of a few humble seashells, picked on a lazy beach walk, to drown you in happy memories.