Posted on by Urvesh Almal

As the sweltering months of summer descend upon us, we rush to give our homes a cool summer makeover. That’s the thing about redecoration. It’s fun and exciting and if you’re anything like us, you’ll constantly be looking for excuses to give your home a makeover. Today, we’re going to focus on the patio. Here is how you can give your patio a summery makeover!


1. Start by re-painting the walls: A quick paint job is the quickest way to perk up a room in your house. This summer choose from amongst lemon yellows, fun tangerines, serene blues and crisp whites. This instantly spruces up the look and feel of a room.


2. Reupholstering your furniture: Eupholstering is one of the most budget-friendly ways to breathe life into a room. Choose a color palette you’re most in favor of- yellow and grey, red and orange, blue and green are just some of the color palettes that work splendidly in summer.



3. Throw pillows are always welcome: Throw pillows can add the right touch of personality to a living space. Cotton pillow covers are always a welcome addition to any summer home, but an assortment of different textures can actually work wonders for your patio as well. A great tip to choosing pillow covers for your patio is to survey the area to find a less dominant color in the existing furniture and play it up with your choice of pillow covers. Resist the urge to match colors. Remember, bring out the contrast with the pillow covers you choose.


4. Spruce up your patio with indoor plants:  Off the top of our heads, we’re thinking potted palm trees and giant ferns to give your patio a tropical feel. Combine this with rattan furniture and you’ve got yourself a tropical wonderland. Besides, a splash of green could only do wonders for your home.



5. Create an accent wall: Create an accent wall that instantly grabs attention upon setting onto the patio. You could create a ceiling to floor library, a photo frame wall filled with family photos, display art or even strip the wall right down to the brick to give your patio a warm, rustic feel.



Try these suggestions to give your patio a makeover and take our word for it when we say- you absolutely won’t regret it.