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Don’t you just love holiday homes? We sure do! There’s nothing better than retreating to a summer home when the heat beats down on us. And when the summer home is decorated to our liking then we have all the more reason to want to get there as soon as we can and waste no time. The HomeCentric lists out the 3 most common summer homes and how you can redecorate these homes to look every bit as splendid as you dream it to be.


1. The Beach House: Cool, crisp and breezy is what your summer home should be. To redecorate your beach house, choose from amongst shades of ocean blue, bottle green, serene white and cool grey. If you’re working on a budget and you can’t afford to spring for entirely new furniture, spring for accent furniture that you can sprinkle around the house to give it a revamp. Our top picks for beach house furniture? Rattan furniture, sisal rugs, giant potted Tropical plants, mahogany furniture and our favorite- contemporary navy blue throw pillows dotted around the house for a cool splash of color.



2. The Log Cabin: Retiring to your cabin for a weekend and want to make it a romantic, indulgent time? The time you spend in the cabin is cozy and indulgent so start your redecoration plans by choosing richer fabrics such as velvet, leather and suede and deeper colors such as wine, burgundy and plum. To match your plush interiors, consider adding an accent brick wall to your home or even getting new kitchen counters and faucets. If you’re feeling up to it, spring for a leather sofa and toss velvet pillows in colors of your choice to truly bring the room to life.



3. The Lake House: The minute someone says ‘lake-house’, we imagine kids in swimming trunks diving into a lake with their hands up in the air. That’s really the beauty of a lake house- it’s your home away from home, your sanctuary. One of the best ways to redecorate a lake house is to make it as personal as possible. Adorn table tops, bedside tables and hallways with family photos from all the family vacations. A great way to instantly change the look and feel of a room is by getting new drapes. Opt for breezy, light drapes to let in all the sun. When redecorating your living room, don’t forget to include happy, bright colors. The best way to do that is by adding plenty of indoor plants and seasonal flowers in mason jars to the room. Red, yellow, blue, green and pillow covers in just about any color will add to the lived-in, homely feel of the home.



Now, honestly, with such a home waiting for you, who wouldn't want to rush over to their summer home?