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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and oh, it’s such a wonderful time to be in love! Alright, alright, there’s something about me you need to know. I’m a sucker for love. There, I said it. Oh, don’t roll your eyes at me! I really do! And if there’s one thing I’d like to reflect in my décor, it is- you guessed it- romance.

WHICH IS WHY I’M SO EXCITED ABOUT VALENTINE’S DAY! Okay. Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, I want to take a moment to talk about your backyards. Why? Because I don’t think we talk about them enough and they often go neglected.And there’s so much you can do with them, you guys. So much. Especially if you want to jazz things up this Valentine’s Day. Here are just a few fun ideas for the most romantic day of the year.


1. Create a fire-pit: Trust me when I tell you, you don’t even know how much you want this until you have it and then, it’s pretty much the only thing you can think about like 24/7. I came across this darling back-yard idea and I thought, well now let’s get me a fire-pit. And it was so easy to put together as well! Create a circular stone area, scatter potted plants and ferns, string some Christmas lights to tree branches and of course, build a neat little fire-pit right in the middle for the ultimate lounging area.



2. A special outdoor dining area: There are 2 ways to do this. One- an intimate picnic setting. One where you throw a blanket under the shade of a tree along with some delicious soft pillows to create a romantic mood, pack a picnic basket, carry some wine etc OR two- spring for a small wooden table for a rustic meal under the stars. Can you feel it?



3. A splash of Mediterranean blue in your porch: Fewer things are more refreshing than splashes of cool blue all over the house. Bonus? With summer not too far away, you won’t need to change things up anytime soon. White furniture with blue upholstered cushions is definitely the way to go. The HomeCentric has a gorgeous range of blue pillow covers in all kinds of fabrics so you know where to head for some of ‘em pillows! Fill up a watering can with freshly cut seasonal blooms, scatter a few candles in mason jars and the mood is set to Valentine’s Day and Summer!



4. Speaking of blooms: Do you have a vine yet? If not, get one. Get several. Go for blooms such as bougainvillea or mandevilla. Don’t have room for vines? Never fear. Potted bignonia in big terra cotta plant pots is also another favorite. And what’s the best part of it all? You can have them just about anywhere- a backyard, porch, balcony or verandah. Heck, these blooms would even look pretty in a sunroom, jussayin’.



If, like me, you’re always looking for reasons to jazz things up and you want to make Valentine’s Day memorable, try any one of these four tips and I’m sure you’ll have a magically romantic day!