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I’m a woman of lists. I thrive on checklists and those are what truly get me through most seasons. For instance, spring season is my most favorite time of the year. Not just because of all the cleaning that obviously takes place, but I consider it the best time to give your home a bit of a fixer-up. Fall is out; spring is in and with it, all things new and exciting. So without further ado, I present to you my ultimate checklist for spring.


1. Colors of spring: Anyone who knows me knows my obsession with color and after this particularly harsh winter, I can’t wait to warm things up this spring with splashes of color all around the house. This spring my favorites are: Brick red Mustard yellow Deep orange and ochre.



2. Get organized: Obsession deux- organization! On any given day, you’ll find me obsessing over pantry lists, laundry lists and any other room in the house that needs organization. Lucky for my family, this Monica Geller-esque OCD benefits everyone at home and we’re all happier for it


Pantry organization- clean out expired foods and label different sections of the pantry. My pantry supplies are divided into ‘Asian, Indian, Italian and Misc’.



Living room organization- if you’re working with a small space, find ways to make the most of it. I love chest drawers that can work as coffee tables, wall-mounted bookshelves and baskets behind doors for magazines, newspapers, bills and mail.



Laundry room organization- One word for you- baskets. These are so handy! You can avoid clutter and keep everything in one place. One basket for dirty clothes, one for clean clothes, one for dried towels and linens and another for soaps and detergents.



3. Whole new window treatments: Windows are one of the easiest ways to revamp the look of a room. If you’re redecorating a small room, hang the curtains closer to the ceiling to give the room a larger look and feel. Spring for entirely new window treatments such as matchstick blinds, venetian blinds, Roman shades or even faux wood blinds depending on your preference. I change up things every season because I have an (read above) obsession.


4. A mini coffee table makeover: Coffee tables are the easiest to makeover. So easy, in fact, that you’ll find me changing my coffee table décor every few weeks. In the fall, I’d decorate the coffee table with some pine cones and candles. This spring I’m going for a mini lantern and a stack of my favorite books.


5. Reupholster your couch: This one is one of the most budget-friendly décor ideas there is! Especially since you can’t go out and buy a new couch every 2 months, but you sure can reupholster it to instantly change the look of the couch. Style the couches with pillows in all shapes and sizes and you have an instant “new” couch. Take a look at some of our pillow cover collections from The HomeCentric. You’re sure to find something you love! *wink*