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  • How to Grow Fresh Air in your Room?

    17 years ago, Kamal Meattle developed an allergy to his city’s air. His lung capacity, the doctors said, had come down to about 70%. Speaking at TED, he tells us how, after some personal research, he discovered that it is possible to grow all the fresh air one needs right in the living room! He got three varieties of indoor plants and grew them in his home…eventually returning back to his complete lung capacity!

    What’s the deal?

    Sounds unreal? In 1989 NASA conducted a clean air study, whose results suggested that certain commonly available indoor plants remove toxic chemicals from the air and replace them fresh with oxygen! This obviously has a massive impact on your health and mood.

    Imagine the leaves of your indoor plant as filters. If they filter out the toxins in the air for you, your lungs are left with lesser burden. This means more good air for your body, and hence more vitality!

    Why do you need them?

    Our homes, usually, have a lot of invisible toxins lingering in the air. For instance, formaldehyde is a very toxic and cancer causing substance that is released by common household items like detergents, carpet glue and furniture paint. Other chemicals that often make their way to the air we breathe are benzene and carbon dioxide. The general pollution outside, cigarette smoke and a few varieties of insect repellants release these toxins. These are obviously harmful to your general health. They not only strain your lung and blood supply but cause you psychological stress due to a dip in the oxygen levels.

    Growing plants is the easiest and very aesthetic way to save you from these troubles. They act as excellent purifiers that absorb these toxins and replenish the air with fresh oxygen. In fact, an article in TED website suggests how one can remain bottled in a glass cage full of indoor plants, and never need to go outside for fresh air! Research has shown visible decrease in asthma, depression, anxiety and a range of lung illnesses in people who arrange for indoor plants in their homes.

    Where to keep our personal air supply!

    It is suggested for every 100 sq feet; you would need a 6 inch indoor plant. This would take care of your fresh air requirements every day. You could place these plants anywhere you want. But we prefer the bedroom and living room edges for aesthetic reasons.

    Most of the indoor plants have no sunlight requirements so you need worry about keeping the plant close to the window. We have listed below three of the most effective plants for your home! These plants have large leaf sizes, tackle a range of toxins and are beautiful to look at. We’ve also added exclusive décor suggestions that we think go perfectly with these plants in your rooms.

    A few plant ideas:

    1.      Money Plant

    This is a beautiful commonly available indoor plant that has wide leaves with occasional white patches on them. The Money plant easily grows indoors with very little nutritional requirements. If you just take care of cleaning the leaf surface once a week, and water the plant every day – this green semi-creeper will suck away all the carbon and formaldehyde from you home while leaving you with lush air.

    Use this plant with shades of light green and cream to match its visual chemistry. We recommend our off-white lined and Homecentric’s special Green Tree pillow cover to add a sense of serene to your living room.

    2.      Snake Plant

    Another common variety, sometimes called the Bedroom plant, this one begins its work at night. It absorbs all the carbon in the air and breathes back oxygen to your room. This plant is also best for the beginner, who is forgetful about giving water sometimes! The side shelf of your bedroom or beneath the window pane is an excellent position for this plant.

    Our décor suggestion would be to use some leafy linen and our exclusively deigned leaf pillow covers with this plant. The dull green of its leaves would contrast stunningly with the multi colored leaf embroidery on the pillows to give a subtle forest look.

    3. English Ivy

    The English Ivy is small yet gorgeous plant that is widely used as an ornamental variety. It occasionally sprouts tiny berries and flowers that add to its ornate look. The English Ivy is an excellent plant to filter out even the most toxic levels of formaldehyde from your room. These plants are best for your living room or the main hall not merely because they need an extra care, but also because you wouldn’t want your guests to miss the view.

    The English Ivy is sometimes a symbol of British interiors. Hence, it is ideally placed in white vases or white-painted earthenware. Our décor suggestion too, would be simple white! Use silky white pillow and sofa covers to enhance the royal appearance of this plant in your living room.

    The plants that we’ve suggested are all the most excellent ways to distress your house and your lungs! Using them with our exclusive décor suggestions will surely lighten up your home with green vibe of serenity and freshness!

  • Is your home spring ready?

    I’m a woman of lists. I thrive on checklists and those are what truly get me through most seasons. For instance, spring season is my most favorite time of the year. Not just because of all the cleaning that obviously takes place, but I consider it the best time to give your home a bit of a fixer-up.

    Fall is out; spring is in and with it, all things new and exciting. So without further ado, I present to you my ultimate checklist for spring.

    1) Colors of spring: Anyone who knows me knows my obsession with color and after this particularly harsh winter, I can’t wait to warm things up this spring with splashes of color all around the house. This spring my favorites are:

    Brick red
    Mustard yellow
    Deep orange and ochre

    2) Get organized: Obsession deux- organization! On any given day, you’ll find me obsessing over pantry lists, laundry lists and any other room in the house that needs organization. Lucky for my family, this Monica Geller-esque OCD benefits everyone at home and we’re all happier for it.

    Pantry organization- clean out expired foods and label different sections of the pantry. My pantry supplies are divided into ‘Asian, Indian, Italian and Misc’.
    Living room organization- if you’re working with a small space, find ways to make the most of it. I love chest drawers that can work as coffee tables, wall-mounted bookshelves and baskets behind doors for magazines, newspapers, bills and mail.
    Laundry room organization- One word for you- baskets. These are so handy! You can avoid clutter and keep everything in one place. One basket for dirty clothes, one for clean clothes, one for dried towels and linens and another for soaps and detergents.

    3) Whole new window treatments: Windows are one of the easiest ways to revamp the look of a room. If you’re redecorating a small room, hang the curtains closer to the ceiling to give the room a larger look and feel. Spring for entirely new window treatments such as matchstick blinds, venetian blinds, Roman shades or even faux wood blinds depending on your preference. I change up things every season because I have an (read above) obsession.

    4) A mini coffee table makeover: Coffee tables are the easiest to makeover. So easy, in fact, that you’ll find me changing my coffee table décor every few weeks. In the fall, I’d decorate the coffee table with some pine cones and candles. This spring I’m going for a mini lantern and a stack of my favorite books.


    5) Reupholster your couch: This one is one of the most budget-friendly décor ideas there is! Especially since you can’t go out and buy a new couch every 2 months, but you sure can reupholster it to instantly change the look of the couch. Style the couches with pillows in all shapes and sizes and you have an instant “new” couch. Take a look at some of our pillow cover collections from The HomeCentric. You’re sure to find something you love! *wink*

  • Tips to creating the ideal romantic bedroom

    I don’t know about you but pretty much the first thing that comes to my mind when someone talks about bedroom décor is romance. Instantly my mind jumps to cool, crisp sheets, plush mattresses, four-poster beds, silver, gold and cream accents and darling chandeliers…sigh.

    I thrive on romance and when it comes to styling a bedroom, that’s when it’s truly my time to shine. If you’re looking for simple and fun ways to make your bedroom more romantic, here’s what you can do.

    1) Choose a soothing color palette: I can’t stress this enough. Your bedroom should be a sanctuary; a place where you retire at the end of a long, hard day. Choose colors that are soft, pleasing and relaxing. If white and cream is not your thing, maybe consider colors that you and your partner find appealing. Brick red, ochre and turquoise are warm colors that can instantly make your room look inviting.

    2) Create a boutique-hotel style room right in your bedroom: Don’t you just love hotel rooms? I know I do; particularly the part where you melt into the cool, crisp sheets on the bed. Ahh, instant relaxation!

    Get the look by investing in only the best linens. Italian cotton is an absolute favorite and just so incredibly comfortable. Bring it all together by springing for different kinds of pillows. Mix and match styles and sizes to add layers to the bed.

    3) A small seating area makes all the difference: Set up a small seating area where you can enjoy a cup of tea or a glass of wine at the end of a day. I’d recommend setting up 2 upholstered chairs by the window or the fireplace (if you have one) and a cushioned ottoman between them. Absolutely romantic!

    4) Display couple pictures: I’m a big fan of displaying artwork, but when it comes to the bedroom, I think framed couple pictures do a lot to make the room more intimate. Display framed photos from your wedding day, your honeymoon or any memory that you’d particularly like to remember.

    5) Extravagant lighting: Here’s where you splurge. Lighting is key when it comes to creating a romantic mood in your bedroom. Bedside lamps are an absolute necessity but for drama, you should consider springing for a romantic chandelier. Wall sconces are perfect for soft, accent lighting when strategically placed.

    6) Throw a rug on the floor: How unpleasant would it be to step off a warm, delicious bed onto cold, harsh floors? Even the notion… Anyway, it’s a great idea to pay special attention to the flooring. Shag rugs are usually my first choice, but choose whatever’s comfortable to your taste and budget.

    There you have it! 6 tips that will instantly glam up your bedroom to make it a devastatingly romantic room; one you’ll have a hard time getting out of!

  • This valentine’s day, give your backyard a romantic makeover

    Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and oh, it’s such a wonderful time to be in love! Alright, alright, there’s something about me you need to know. I’m a sucker for love. There, I said it. Oh, don’t roll your eyes at me! I really do! And if there’s one thing I’d like to reflect in my décor, it is- you guessed it- romance.


    Okay. Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, I want to take a moment to talk about your backyards. Why? Because I don’t think we talk about them enough and they often go neglected. And there’s so much you can do with them, you guys. So much. Especially if you want to jazz things up this Valentine’s Day.

    Here are just a few fun ideas for the most romantic day of the year.

    1) Create a fire-pit: Trust me when I tell you, you don’t even know how much you want this until you have it and then, it’s pretty much the only thing you can think about like 24/7. I came across this darling back-yard idea and I thought, well now let’s get me a fire-pit. And it was so easy to put together as well! Create a circular stone area, scatter potted plants and ferns, string some Christmas lights to tree branches and of course, build a neat little fire-pit right in the middle for the ultimate lounging area.

    2) A special outdoor dining area: There are 2 ways to do this. One- an intimate picnic setting. One where you throw a blanket under the shade of a tree along with some delicious soft pillows to create a romantic mood, pack a picnic basket, carry some wine etc OR two- spring for a small wooden table for a rustic meal under the stars. Can you feel it?

    3) A splash of Mediterranean blue in your porch: Fewer things are more refreshing than splashes of cool blue all over the house. Bonus? With summer not too far away, you won’t need to change things up anytime soon. White furniture with blue upholstered cushions is definitely the way to go. The HomeCentric has a gorgeous range of blue pillow covers in all kinds of fabrics so you know where to head for some of ‘em pillows! Fill up a watering can with freshly cut seasonal blooms, scatter a few candles in mason jars and the mood is set to Valentine’s Day and summer!

    4) Speaking of blooms: Do you have a vine yet? If not, get one. Get several. Go for blooms such as bougainvillea or mandevilla. Don’t have room for vines? Never fear. Potted bignonia in big terra cotta plant pots is also another favorite. And what’s the best part of it all? You can have them just about anywhere- a backyard, porch, balcony or verandah. Heck, these blooms would even look pretty in a sunroom, jussayin’.

    If, like me, you’re always looking for reasons to jazz things up and you want to make Valentine’s Day memorable, try any one of these four tips and I’m sure you’ll have a magically romantic day!

  • The hottest color trends for 2015

    One of my favorite things to do before the start of a year is to zero in on my favorite design styles and color trends for the upcoming year. 2015 is just around the corner and already I’ve started dreaming up colors of the sky, emeralds and sunsets, imagining what colors I’d like to incorporate to my home décor. Here are my picks for the hottest color trends in 2015.

    1) Mediterranean blue:

    You know the kind that instantly transports you to Greece? A splash of blue can do wonders for your home and can be so easy to incorporate to your existing décor. Cool blue rugs, blue and white porcelain vases, pillow covers in lush fabrics such as satin and velvet, reupholstered chairs are all ideas for adding a quick dash of blue to your home. Blue pairs well with grey, cream, white, orange, lavender and fuchsia.

    2) Burnt orange:

    Burnt orange has a certain Spanish charm to it that I find very appealing. It pairs particularly well with warm mocha browns, turquoise blue and cool grey. One of my favorite ways of incorporating burnt orange to my décor is with pillows. Pair patterned burnt orange pillow covers with solid colors and instantly transform the look and feel of your couch!

    3) Sunset orange:

    That’s right. More of orange. It really is one of my most favorite and most versatile colors there is. Walking into a room, there’s nothing that can cheer me up more than interesting pop or orange and to think how well it pairs with just about any color combination you may have in mind- teal, bottle green, turquoise, grey, you name it. In fact, simply filling up a vase with bright orange blooms can do the trick as well. A great way to include a pop of orange to your décor is to spring for an accent chair, like the one you see in this picture. Beautiful!

    4) Ochre:

    The minute you say ochre, I picture an ochre accent wall and I picture painting it myself. This can be one of those budget-friendly home makeovers that will hardly make a dent in your pocket, but work magic for your home. Ochre pairs really well with slate blue and hey, if you’re willing to spring for a blue couch and turn your home into a mid-century modern haven, be my guest and please do so!

    5) Bottle green:

    I really can’t get enough of warm shades of green and don’t see this love fading any time soon. Olive green, fresh mint, rich bottle green combined with lush aubergine is an absolute dream. You can bottle green kitchen cabinets, vases, table runners, drapes and even table cloths to infuse a little bit of green to your décor. Such fun!

    Here’s wishing you a brightly colorful and happy new year!

  • How to give your home a holiday makeover on a budget

    It’s the holiday season and it’s just about my happiest time of the year. Now I’m sure anyone who knows me can agree that I’m constantly looking for excuses to give my home a makeover and well, the holiday season is no exception. If you’re working on a tight budget (it is holiday season after all!) and you’re looking for some inspiration for things you can try at home, here are some of my favorite ideas.
    1) Bring the outdoors inside:

    It is fall after all! And nothing says ‘tis the season to jolly with some fiery red poinsettias. You can get these at just about any nursery at this time of the year and they instantly brighten up just about any space in the house. This isn’t just limited to poinsettias, however. Ferns and pine cones are what fall is all about and well, all you need to do is walk out to your backyard and pick out your favorite greens!
    2) Go Thrifting:

    Thrift store shopping has become a favorite holiday activity. And while I agree some things have to be brand new, but if you’re willing to spend some time searching, you’re bound to find some really great household items such as dressers, tables, chairs and lamps. Thrift store finds can be easy on the pocket and you might be able to walk away with some really great finds.
    3) Upcycle wooden pallets:

    I love the versatility of wooden pallets. There’s just so much you can do with them. Turn them into planters. Use them to make magazine or wine bottle holders. Your options are endless and if you’re handy with your tools, there’s nothing like it. Just the other day, DH fashioned a swing-set- a swing-set with old wooden pallets. We decorated it with pillows from yours truly and we were golden!
    4) Layer it up:

    Fall and the holidays are all about getting warm and snuggly by the fire and a great way to give your home a holiday makeover is bring in the layers. Replace the blanket on the couch by a warm fleece throw. Shag rugs and burlap table runners are great for fall décor and absolute favorites for when you want to instantly spruce up a space. Here, at The Home Centric, we make a whole bunch of soft home furnishings for just about any mood or decorating style so if you’re looking for something particularly festive, you know where you’ll find it!
    5) It’s all about the heat:

    One word- candles. You can’t have fall or the holidays without candles in every shape, fragrance and size. They’re also incredibly affordable and very versatile. Place them in jars and decorate them with pine cones or wrap them in cinnamon sticks- your choices are endless.
    Happy holidays, everybody! Make it special.

  • Five Handy Tips For Decorating With Pillows

    I’ve always loved the way pillows can instantly spruce up just about any part of your home. If you walked into my home, you’d find pillows everywhere. And it’s not just because I make ‘em, no. It’s because I’m completely in love with them and they make me feel all warm and comforted on the inside.

    But of course, there is always a science behind everything- including decorating with pillows! There are rights and wrongs; things you ought to do, things you really shouldn’t be doing. Check out my 5 handy tips for decorating with pillows to keep in mind the next time you’re out shopping.

    1) Mix, mix, mix: When it comes to pillows, I usually like to mix things up with patterns, shapes, textures and sizes, but if there’s one thing I’m going to tell you today, it’s this: don’t be afraid to decorate with pillows of different sizes. It adds depth and dimension to your couch and that’s always a good thing!

    2) No two fabrics: As a rule I advice people against choosing pillow covers the same fabric as their couch. You want to add character and well, having pillow covers the same fabric as your couch is just going to make it look rather dull.

    3) No matchy-matchy: You might think you’re doing something great by having all your pillow covers match, but how does that give your couch a layered look? If I were you, I’d mix solids with geometric prints or ruffled pillows with classy suede covers. But hey, that’s just me. Let your imagination run wild with the pillows on your couch.

    4) Too many pillows are a strict no-no: Your couch is somewhere you want to kick back after a long day and curl up to relax. You can’t do that if you have a gazillion pillows on your couch. Instead, go with 4 pillows for a medium size couch and 6 pillows for a larger couch. Golden rules...

    5) Size matters: Of course it does. You don’t want to decorate a large couch with pillows way too small for it. Similarly, large pillows on a comparatively smaller couch will just be an eye-sore. I usually layer my couches with pillows of 2 sizes (layering is key) and leave the rest to my awfully good taste!

    So there you have it! 5 handy tips that will make decorating with pillows SO much easier. Have you checked out our latest selection of pillow covers? Well, what ARE you waiting for?!

  • The Different Pillows for Different Furniture

    How many pillows is too many pillows? How many pillows is too little pillows? You want your bed and sofa to look warm and inviting, but you don’t want to overdo it. There should be enough pillows so that your bed looks sumptuous and inviting when properly made - yet not so many that getting in bed would require 10 minutes of excavating! The sweet spot is usually between 1-6 pillows, depending on the size of your bed. But it doesn't end there – you’ve got to be creative while choosing the duvet covers and cushion covers - so that they seamlessly merge with the rest of the room to create an amazing effect.

    Here are the different kinds of pillows for different furniture.

    The secret to choosing throw pillows:
    Pillows in different shapes and styles are a great way to instantly perk up a living space. There are three things you need to keep in mind while choosing throw pillows:

    1. 1. The size- layering a couch with pillows of different sizes
    2. 2. The pattern and fabric- don’t be afraid to mix and match fabrics
    3. 3. The color- choose contrasting color to set off the color of your couch

    Styling The Pillows On Your Sofa

    Ideally, 4 throw pillows is the optimum number of pillows you should have on your couch. The size should be determined by the size of your couch. For a couch that is relatively bigger, a 16- 18” pillow is an ideal size. Go for 24” pillows only if you have a spacious living room where pillows of that size won’t look out of place. Layer these with smaller pillows. One solid and one patterned (in a fabric other than the fabric on your couch) on each side makes for a perfectly styled couch.

    Styling The Pillows On Your Bed

    There are literally dozens of ways to style a bed. A perfect bed is one you want to sink into so it’s important to pay special attention to detail. Pick fabrics that are soft and comfortable; Egyptian and organic cotton have always been my favorites and are ideal for a bed.

    When it comes to stacking pillows, I generally prefer to go with 5 pillows- odd numbers instantly catch the eye- but 6 pillows are very common as well. Use pillows of different fabrics to add to character. Silk, satin, velvet, suede are all rich fabrics and perfect choices for pillows on beds and lucky for you, The Home Centric has an entire variety of them!

    So come take a look and cushion up your life (and couches and beds!) with us!

  • The Perfect Halloween Porch Décor with The HomeCentric

    Ahh Halloween. Easiest one of my favorite holidays of the year, one where you can let your imagination run wild and there will still be plenty of room to be tasteful and classy (if that’s your style).

    In our household, Halloween preparations start way in advance (we’re talking a whole month here, guys) and the entire family pitches in to make this a fun holiday for all. Good times, good times. The most fun to decorate, however, is the porch. There’s just so much you can do with it and well, I love making a big statement.

    Here’s what we plan on doing for Halloween this year.

    Corn stalks in planters: Deck the porch with corn stalks in planters! Not only do these scream ‘fall’s here!’ but they’re also very rustic in their appeal, making all the difference to your porch. Stack these in large planters right by your door and you’re to have heads turning in the direction of your house! Bonus points for throwing in haystacks for good measure.

    Pumpkins and candles, please: You can’t really have fall without pumpkins and you there is no way you can have Halloween without pumpkins. So pumpkins it is! Jack-o-lanterns are probably my most favorite part of Halloween anyway and I take extra time carving them out for display on our porch. This Halloween is going to be no different. Stick ‘em with candles and you have perfect little ghoulish pumpkin décor!

    Ravens always spell H-a-l-l-o-w-e-e-n: Stuffed ravens and bats, that is. And it’s so simple as well! All you need to do is hunt for twigs and broken branches that are light enough to carry, prop them up in planters and then secure stuffed ravens (store bought or handmade- you decide!) with string. Voila!

    Handmade ghostly draperies: The kind that makes you think of spooky asylums and creepy basements! This HGTV tutorial tells you just how you can make these draperies and it’ll only take up about 15 minutes from start to finish.

    Fall-themed pillow covers: And we’re obviously talking about glorious orange pillow covers from yours truly. The HomeCentric makes a whole bunch of pillow covers in all kinds of styles, shapes and sizes, so if you have a little outdoor seating area on your porch, The HomeCentric is sure to deliver!

    There you have it! 5 really easy, yet extremely fun Halloween porch decorations that will make you your neighbor’s envy!

    Happy Halloween from The HomeCentric family!

  • Bring The Fall Fever Home With These Fun Decorating Tips

    Fall brings with it the promise of a warm, snuggled up mornings, hot chocolate by a crackling fire, warm toes and pumpkin pies. It also just happens to be the perfect time to give your home a cozy little makeover. The Home Centric shows you how to give your home the ideal fall spruce-up.

    1) Centerpiece settings: Complete with pine cones, fall foliage, and the works. And they’re so easy to incorporate into your décor as well! There’s nothing that says fall’s here as adequately as the sight of pine, burnt orange maple leaves and the smell of cinnamon and cloves hanging the air.

    2) Pumpkin lanterns: All set to carve your pumpkins for Halloween? Well, as exciting as that is, what’s even more exciting is carving out these pumpkins as a family together. It’s actually really simple and you could get your kids to help you out with this as well. Toast the seeds and enjoy them as a fun snack, bake some pie, adorn your front porch with lit up lanterns to truly welcome fall.

    3) Luxurious pillows: We don’t know what it is about fall, but something about it just makes us think about the soft, plush comfort of luxurious fabrics. And that’s right where The Home Centric steps in. We offer a wide selection of pillow covers in different kinds of styles, fabrics, shapes and sizes. But this fall, we’re completely in love with rich velvet pillow covers. Choose from amongst gorgeous burgundies, wines, gold and purples to add pizzazz to your fall décor.

    4) Experiment with mantel décor: Heirloom pumpkins, burlap runners, potted poinsettias, gilded branches, crimson berries and colorful wreaths are a great and really simple way to bring fall fever home. Throw in some a twinkling string lights and you have a cozy living room, bursting with light and warmth.

    5) Creative candle jars: You know what’ll look really pretty in the midst of all those pine cones, berries and maple leaves? Gorgeous scented candles in large candle holders. You can totally get creative with what you do with these candle jars. You could tie beautiful golden ribbons around the jar, stuff it with acorn, use bendable twigs to make bows around the jar or do just about anything you like. Each day can be different and what’s more? You can have tons of fun doing it!

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