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  • 6 Easy Tips To Creating The Perfect Home Office

    If you’re thinking about turning a small corner in your house into a home office, look no further. The HomeCentric shares with you 5 easy, functional and really fun tips to creating the perfect home office.

    1) Pick a space where you won’t be disturbed: A home office needs to be a place where you can get things done. Ideally, a den, spare room, attic or basement are the perfect places to create a home office. But should you not have that space available to you, choose a quiet little corner in the house- under the stairway maybe, where you can get your work done without being disturbed.

    2) Get lots of light: Ideally, the perfect home office would be right next to a large window to let in lots of natural light. But if that’s not entirely possible, make sure your work area is well-lit. Task lighting gets the work done, but you can’t really have a home office without a table lamp.

    3) Lots of shelf space: If you’re tight on space, you might want to invest in plenty of shelves in order to keep your workstation clutter-free. Your workstation should include your computer, a table lamp, a telephone and maybe a couple of framed photographs to add a personal touch. Shelves are where the papers, files and documents go. Out of the way, but well in reach.

    4) Get an ergonomic chair: Think about it. You’re bound to spend to spend long hours on your office chair and well, it’s going to be a less than pleasant experience if the chair you’re sitting on is uncomfortable. This might be a bit of a splurge, but one that is completely worth it. Invest in an ergonomic chair and you’ll be glad you did!

    5) Pin-up boards: Or inspiration boards. Call ‘em what you must but they’re something a home office can’t be complete without. Use this pin-up board to put up pictures that inspire you, pictures that make you happy, photos of people you love and admire, inspiring quotes, reminders, notes to self etc. This could be your ‘something personal’, a space that is your own in a work place.

    6) Get some color in there: You might be tempted to use sleek and fuss-free white and black colors to decorate your home office, but you need to get some color in there. Color (along with variety!) is the spice of life. There’s nothing that a vase full of brightly colored flowers or a bunch of throw pillows in your favorite colors can’t do to add life into what could be a dull office space. Lucky for you, The HomeCentric makes pillow covers in all kinds of fabrics, styles, shapes and sizes so you can fit these right in just about wherever you like. Throw pillows can perk up any space in the house, so go right ahead and buy yourself something pretty today!

    Are you ready, now, to start creating your perfect home office? Of course you are!

  • Contemporary-style bedrooms are the way to go!

    Sleek, modern and sexy- what contemporary interior design is all about. Sharp edges, geometric design, smooth metallic surfaces, black and chrome elements scattered throughout the house are the very definition of contemporary interiors. Over the years contemporary interiors have gained popularity in modern homes. This design style is functional and minimalistic so if you are someone who prefers a fuss-free, hassle-free environment, this interior style is right up your alley.

    Here’s how you can get a contemporary bedroom in 5 easy steps:

    1) Choose your window treatments wisely: Picture your bedroom like this. Sliding doors to let in all that natural light or, in a perfect world, overlooking a magnificently lit up skyline. Choose from cool and crisp white drapes in rich silk fabrics, Roman shades, blinds and shutters. The window treatments you choose can make a room change the look and feel of a room. It can make a room appear bigger or if chosen wrong, can make it look smaller. Pick your window treatments taking the size of the room and the rest of the furniture into consideration.

    2) Picking the right color palette: You might think that cool colors are the way to go when decorating a contemporary bedroom and while that’s always a safe bet, don’t be afraid to mix things up a bit. Mix cool neutrals with hot and bold colors like brick red and ochre to make a statement. Additionally dark walls give out a bold, confident vibe. Choose from deep purples, olive greens and rust to truly make your bedroom stand out.

    3) A splash of color: Every bedroom needs a splash of color. Even contemporary rooms need color to liven up the space. One of the best ways to do this would be to add pillows! Silk pillow covers to complement the existing décor could work very well in a contemporary bedroom. Our favorite choices for pillow covers for a contemporary bedroom include silk, velvet, suede and leather. The more the better is what we always say!

    4) Hardwood floors: Have you always leaned toward tiled floors? Think hardwood floors are too much work? Think again. Hardwood floors add a cozy, romantic touch to a bedroom so if you want your bedroom to be a lovely combination of confident and welcoming, hardwood floors are the way to go. Tossing a shaggy white rug at the foot of the bed makes all the difference.

    5) Recessed bedroom lighting: Lighting makes all the difference and no contemporary bedroom is complete without recessed bedroom lighting. These lights can be used to illuminate artwork or picture frames and can also be dimmed to create mood lighting. Recessed lighting helps you create whatever mood you want and is the perfect choice for a contemporary style bedroom.

    Get started decorating your contemporary style bedroom and while you’re at it, let The Home Centric help!

  • HomeCentric's Spring / Summer Wedding Guide

    If you’ve decided on a spring/ summer wedding this season, look no further. Now we know wedding plan can be really stressful. But truth be told, it can actually be tons of fun as well. If a spring/ summer wedding is what you want, then a spring/ summer wedding is what you shall get and The HomeCentric shows you just how to have the brightest, warmest, most indulgent wedding this season.

    1) The theme sets the tone for…well, everything.
    How do you pick a theme for a wedding? Well, the good news is that the theme can be inspired by just about anything that holds meaning for you. It could be a movie, a song, a mood, a style. Start by listing a few of your favorite things before zeroing on a theme for your wedding.

    2) Picking the right color palette
    Since you’ve decided to get married in the warm season, warm color palettes with shades of red, yellow, orange, violet and ochre and are some of the top colors to choose from this season. Hydrangeas, tulips, daisies and sunflowers would make perfect centerpieces for spring/ summer weddings.

    3) Get out and get some sun
    A great way to enjoy the summer sun is by having your wedding outdoors. Tents can be set up to provide some relief to the guests from the sun. String light canopies can be draped from the ceiling to jazz up the tents for dancing and drinks.

    4) Mattress love
    For country themed weddings, barn yards make the perfect choice for wedding receptions. Mattresses can be laid out for guests to lounge on. Stick to burlap table runners, cool, crisp white linen with an outdoor bar serving chilled beer.

    5) Attention to detail is everything
    Guests are most likely to remember a wedding that pays close attention to details so there are always small ways in which you can add character to your wedding. One of the best ways to do this is to remember that your wedding is more about you than it is about anyone else. Always look for ways to make it a personal affair rather than spending big bucks on the décor. The HomeCentric, for instance, offers a variety of pillow covers in various shapes, styles, designs and colors to make a wonderful addition to just about any wedding.

    Ultimately, how you decide to make your wedding day more personal is entirely up to you. It’s a day to celebrate and remember always so listen to your heart and don’t worry about anything else.

  • This Fall, Help Your Daughter Pretty Up Her Dorm Room

    Your daughter’s all set to move into her dorm room. And being the doting mother that you are, you’re obviously going to want her to have the best room she can possibly have. Now, while you don’t want to cramp her style, you want to be able to help her out in a way that she can have absolutely the best dorm room she could have- a place where she can truly feel at home. Here’s how you can help your daughter pretty up her dorm room this fall.

    1) Create a checklist: Not to sound boring, but moms all over the world know that checklists can really help us get by. Create a checklist of all the things you think she might need and gently run them by her to see what she thinks. Your list should ideally include a first aid kit, canned foods, kitchenware and utensils, toiletries, hampers and laundry detergent. We found this list to be pretty handy.

    2) Helping her create a wall mural: Now that we’ve dealt with the practical aspects of setting up a dorm room, it’s time to get down to some fun. One of the best budget-friendly ways to prettying up a dorm room is by helping your daughter put up a printable wall mural might just be the way to go.

    3) Bookshelves, bookshelves: These needn’t be stacked with study material, but just about anything. Books that remind her of home, growing up, magazines, her favorite books of all time. Well, you could also throw in a couple of resourceful books here or there. We’re sure she wouldn’t mind. Buy one from your local thrift store or even build one together. Your daughter is sure to love it.

    4) A blast of color with pillow covers: Throw pillows are a perfect way of adding personality to any room. And you can definitely have pillows to match your daughter’s personality and decorating style. Choose from the wide array of pillow cover styles here at The HomeCentric- suede, leather, velvet, silk and so much more. You’ll never run out of choices!


    5) Photo buntings: Yes, photo buntings. Such a great way to remind your daughter or her friends and family back home. Plus, these are really so simple to make as well! Just clip on some of her favorite pictures to a string or rope and help her hang them wherever she may like.

    6) String lights galore: String lights are most versatile when it comes to decorating a room. Fill them up in a jar, wrap them around your bed post, drape them over a chalkboard or suspend them from the ceiling to create a canopy. There’s so much you can do with them and they cost pretty much nothing!

    Get started on helping your daughter pretty up her dorm room and you’re sure to score some major brownie points with her!

  • Redecorating Your Summer Home? Here's All You Need

    Don’t you just love holiday homes? We sure do! There’s nothing better than retreating to a summer home when the heat beats down on us. And when the summer home is decorated to our liking then we have all the more reason to want to get there as soon as we can and waste no time.

    The HomeCentric lists out the 3 most common summer homes and how you can redecorate these homes to look every bit as splendid as you dream it to be.

    The Beach House
    Cool, crisp and breezy is what your summer home should be. To redecorate your beach house, choose from amongst shades of ocean blue, bottle green, serene white and cool grey. If you’re working on a budget and you can’t afford to spring for entirely new furniture, spring for accent furniture that you can sprinkle around the house to give it a revamp. Our top picks for beach house furniture? Rattan furniture, sisal rugs, giant potted Tropical plants, mahogany furniture and our favorite- contemporary navy blue throw pillows dotted around the house for a cool splash of color.

    The log cabin
    Retiring to your cabin for a weekend and want to make it a romantic, indulgent time? The time you spend in the cabin is cozy and indulgent so start your redecoration plans by choosing richer fabrics such as velvet, leather and suede and deeper colors such as wine, burgundy and plum. To match your plush interiors, consider adding an accent brick wall to your home or even getting new kitchen counters and faucets. If you’re feeling up to it, spring for a leather sofa and toss velvet pillows in colors of your choice to truly bring the room to life.

    The lake house
    The minute someone says ‘lake-house’, we imagine kids in swimming trunks diving into a lake with their hands up in the air. That’s really the beauty of a lake house- it’s your home away from home, your sanctuary. One of the best ways to redecorate a lake house is to make it as personal as possible. Adorn table tops, bedside tables and hallways with family photos from all the family vacations. A great way to instantly change the look and feel of a room is by getting new drapes. Opt for breezy, light drapes to let in all the sun. When redecorating your living room, don’t forget to include happy, bright colors. The best way to do that is by adding plenty of indoor plants and seasonal flowers in mason jars to the room. Red, yellow, blue, green and pillow covers in just about any color will add to the lived-in, homely feel of the home.


    Now, honestly, with such a home waiting for you, who wouldn't want to rush over to their summer home?

  • This Summer, Redo Your Patio With These Cool Colors

    As the sweltering months of summer descend upon us, we rush to give our homes a cool summer makeover. That’s the thing about redecoration. It’s fun and exciting and if you’re anything like us, you’ll constantly be looking for excuses to give your home a makeover.

    Today, we’re going to focus on the patio. Here is how you can give your patio a summery makeover!

    1) Start by re-painting the walls: A quick paint job is the quickest way to perk up a room in your house. This summer choose from amongst lemon yellows, fun tangerines, serene blues and crisp whites. This instantly spruces up the look and feel of a room.

    2) Reupholstering your furniture: Reupholstering is one of the most budget-friendly ways to breathe life into a room. Choose a color palette you’re most in favor of- yellow and grey, red and orange, blue and green are just some of the color palettes that work splendidly in summer.

    3) Throw pillows are always welcome: Throw pillows can add the right touch of personality to a living space. Cotton pillow covers are always a welcome addition to any summer home, but an assortment of different textures can actually work wonders for your patio as well. A great tip to choosing pillow covers for your patio is to survey the area to find a less dominant color in the existing furniture and play it up with your choice of pillow covers. Resist the urge to match colors. Remember, bring out the contrast with the pillow covers you choose.

    4) Spruce up your patio with indoor plants: Off the top of our heads, we’re thinking potted palm trees and giant ferns to give your patio a tropical feel. Combine this with rattan furniture and you’ve got yourself a tropical wonderland. Besides, a splash of green could only do wonders for your home.

    5) Create an accent wall: Create an accent wall that instantly grabs attention upon setting onto the patio. You could create a ceiling to floor library, a photo frame wall filled with family photos, display art or even strip the wall right down to the brick to give your patio a warm, rustic feel.

    Try these suggestions to give your patio a makeover and take our word for it when we say- you absolutely won’t regret it.

  • How to Makeover your House with Splashes of Yellow

    To celebrate the beautiful season of spring, brighten up the atmosphere in your home with shades of yellow. Yellow symbolizes optimism, joy and enthusiasm – all necessary to bring about change. Here are a few ways you can spread cheer throughout your home with yellow.

    Place sunflowers, daylilies, tulips, daffodils, golden rods or any other flowers around your home – in the living room in a vase, in your bedroom in a bowl with water, in flower pots near windows, on the dining table in old wine bottles. Brighten up any corner with a few well-chosen flowers.If you feel as if you won’t have the time to keep replacing them, buy fake but pretty flowers and do the same.
    Throw Pillows
    Pillows are a sure way to bring a splash of color to any setting. In honor of spring, use pillow covers that are brightly colored on your living room couch, chairs and in the bedrooms. If you would like, create a small sitting area on the floor with a soft mattress and adorn it with yellow throw pillows. Make it look as comfortable and inviting as you can for someone to enjoy a little spring break after a hard day of spring cleaning.
    Drapes and Bed Covers
    It’s important to remember we only want to brighten up the place, not blind somebody from all the yellow. Use bed covers and duvets that only have hint of yellow on them – in a pretty pattern or in embroidered flowers. To complement the yellows in your bedroom and living room put up bright yellow drapes on the windows. Tame them with white or other pastel colored drapes on the sides so they don’t look too garish.
    Miscellaneous Items
    Yes, this means anything yellow goes! If you have yellow colored ornaments – little figurines, toys or anything you don’t mind showcasing, place them on mantles, in display cases and on tabletops next to the pretty flowers. You can even do this in the bathroom by using yellow toilet seat covers, yellow toothbrushes, even yellow soap! Just remember, the evidence of your spring makeover should be sprinkled around your home rather than appear on every surface
    Mats/Carpets/Rugs/Table Runners

    Place a yellow “Welcome” mat outside your front door; use lemon yellow bath mats and towels. Table runners is a great way to add some life to your living room or kitchen spaces – place yellow ones for spring and summer, orange for fall and green and red ones when Christmas comes around.

    Rugs also make a huge difference to the appearance of a room – so when spring and pollen are in the air put some yellow rugs down and enjoy your happy and bright new living space.

  • It’s Time for Spring Decoration!

    Spring is now already in full swing and but it’s not too late to get in on the spring cleaning makeover. What comes to mind when you think of spring? Bright colors, flower blossoms, growth and change are just some things we associate with it.

    There are plenty of ways to imbue your home with the atmosphere of spring. Even the littlest changes in your home décor can make a difference. You can begin to by trying any of the following suggestions.

    Spring is the time when flowers begin to bloom and bees spread pollen (and allergies) on light breezes. Bring some of that nature into your home by placing pillow covers with embroidered flowers on couches, chairs, divans and beds.
    Place easy to maintain flowers and plants in pretty flower pots around and outside your home. Money plant vines, ferns, even flowering cacti (try to avoid peyote), can bring a sense of growth and freshness into your home.
    Do-It-Yourself projects have become an inspiration to many creative people all over the world. You can use your talent for arts and crafts to create lanterns, lampshades, paintings, flower pots or even dye some old sheets to create bright curtains or tablecloths. Place your projects around your home to give it the flair of creativity.
    Bookshelves are themselves beautiful for a home full of bookworms. To brighten it up and make it eye catching, apply a bright and bold wallpaper to the interior panels. It immediately turns into a focal point of the room, something the whole family can enjoy.
    Another place for wallpaper besides the bookshelf is the ceiling. A pretty, lively and patterned wallpaper on the ceiling can brighten up the whole room and be a source of marvel for any guest. With such a big change in the look, you won’t have to do much else to bring spring into the room.
    The fabrics in your home are a big source of color and contribute largely to the feel of the house. On curtains, bed sheets, table runners and rugs use cheerful, cool colors with floral designs to give your home a light and breezy atmosphere.

    Be as creative as you like with DIY projects and all things nature to bring the air of spring indoors.

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