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  • The hottest color trends for 2015

    One of my favorite things to do before the start of a year is to zero in on my favorite design styles and color trends for the upcoming year. 2015 is just around the corner and already I’ve started dreaming up colors of the sky, emeralds and sunsets, imagining what colors I’d like to incorporate to my home décor. Here are my picks for the hottest color trends in 2015.

    1) Mediterranean blue:

    You know the kind that instantly transports you to Greece? A splash of blue can do wonders for your home and can be so easy to incorporate to your existing décor. Cool blue rugs, blue and white porcelain vases, pillow covers in lush fabrics such as satin and velvet, reupholstered chairs are all ideas for adding a quick dash of blue to your home. Blue pairs well with grey, cream, white, orange, lavender and fuchsia.

    2) Burnt orange:

    Burnt orange has a certain Spanish charm to it that I find very appealing. It pairs particularly well with warm mocha browns, turquoise blue and cool grey. One of my favorite ways of incorporating burnt orange to my décor is with pillows. Pair patterned burnt orange pillow covers with solid colors and instantly transform the look and feel of your couch!

    3) Sunset orange:

    That’s right. More of orange. It really is one of my most favorite and most versatile colors there is. Walking into a room, there’s nothing that can cheer me up more than interesting pop or orange and to think how well it pairs with just about any color combination you may have in mind- teal, bottle green, turquoise, grey, you name it. In fact, simply filling up a vase with bright orange blooms can do the trick as well. A great way to include a pop of orange to your décor is to spring for an accent chair, like the one you see in this picture. Beautiful!

    4) Ochre:

    The minute you say ochre, I picture an ochre accent wall and I picture painting it myself. This can be one of those budget-friendly home makeovers that will hardly make a dent in your pocket, but work magic for your home. Ochre pairs really well with slate blue and hey, if you’re willing to spring for a blue couch and turn your home into a mid-century modern haven, be my guest and please do so!

    5) Bottle green:

    I really can’t get enough of warm shades of green and don’t see this love fading any time soon. Olive green, fresh mint, rich bottle green combined with lush aubergine is an absolute dream. You can bottle green kitchen cabinets, vases, table runners, drapes and even table cloths to infuse a little bit of green to your décor. Such fun!

    Here’s wishing you a brightly colorful and happy new year!

  • How to give your home a holiday makeover on a budget

    It’s the holiday season and it’s just about my happiest time of the year. Now I’m sure anyone who knows me can agree that I’m constantly looking for excuses to give my home a makeover and well, the holiday season is no exception. If you’re working on a tight budget (it is holiday season after all!) and you’re looking for some inspiration for things you can try at home, here are some of my favorite ideas.
    1) Bring the outdoors inside:

    It is fall after all! And nothing says ‘tis the season to jolly with some fiery red poinsettias. You can get these at just about any nursery at this time of the year and they instantly brighten up just about any space in the house. This isn’t just limited to poinsettias, however. Ferns and pine cones are what fall is all about and well, all you need to do is walk out to your backyard and pick out your favorite greens!
    2) Go Thrifting:

    Thrift store shopping has become a favorite holiday activity. And while I agree some things have to be brand new, but if you’re willing to spend some time searching, you’re bound to find some really great household items such as dressers, tables, chairs and lamps. Thrift store finds can be easy on the pocket and you might be able to walk away with some really great finds.
    3) Upcycle wooden pallets:

    I love the versatility of wooden pallets. There’s just so much you can do with them. Turn them into planters. Use them to make magazine or wine bottle holders. Your options are endless and if you’re handy with your tools, there’s nothing like it. Just the other day, DH fashioned a swing-set- a swing-set with old wooden pallets. We decorated it with pillows from yours truly and we were golden!
    4) Layer it up:

    Fall and the holidays are all about getting warm and snuggly by the fire and a great way to give your home a holiday makeover is bring in the layers. Replace the blanket on the couch by a warm fleece throw. Shag rugs and burlap table runners are great for fall décor and absolute favorites for when you want to instantly spruce up a space. Here, at The Home Centric, we make a whole bunch of soft home furnishings for just about any mood or decorating style so if you’re looking for something particularly festive, you know where you’ll find it!
    5) It’s all about the heat:

    One word- candles. You can’t have fall or the holidays without candles in every shape, fragrance and size. They’re also incredibly affordable and very versatile. Place them in jars and decorate them with pine cones or wrap them in cinnamon sticks- your choices are endless.
    Happy holidays, everybody! Make it special.

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