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  • The Perfect Halloween Porch Décor with The HomeCentric

    Ahh Halloween. Easiest one of my favorite holidays of the year, one where you can let your imagination run wild and there will still be plenty of room to be tasteful and classy (if that’s your style).

    In our household, Halloween preparations start way in advance (we’re talking a whole month here, guys) and the entire family pitches in to make this a fun holiday for all. Good times, good times. The most fun to decorate, however, is the porch. There’s just so much you can do with it and well, I love making a big statement.

    Here’s what we plan on doing for Halloween this year.

    Corn stalks in planters: Deck the porch with corn stalks in planters! Not only do these scream ‘fall’s here!’ but they’re also very rustic in their appeal, making all the difference to your porch. Stack these in large planters right by your door and you’re to have heads turning in the direction of your house! Bonus points for throwing in haystacks for good measure.

    Pumpkins and candles, please: You can’t really have fall without pumpkins and you there is no way you can have Halloween without pumpkins. So pumpkins it is! Jack-o-lanterns are probably my most favorite part of Halloween anyway and I take extra time carving them out for display on our porch. This Halloween is going to be no different. Stick ‘em with candles and you have perfect little ghoulish pumpkin décor!

    Ravens always spell H-a-l-l-o-w-e-e-n: Stuffed ravens and bats, that is. And it’s so simple as well! All you need to do is hunt for twigs and broken branches that are light enough to carry, prop them up in planters and then secure stuffed ravens (store bought or handmade- you decide!) with string. Voila!

    Handmade ghostly draperies: The kind that makes you think of spooky asylums and creepy basements! This HGTV tutorial tells you just how you can make these draperies and it’ll only take up about 15 minutes from start to finish.

    Fall-themed pillow covers: And we’re obviously talking about glorious orange pillow covers from yours truly. The HomeCentric makes a whole bunch of pillow covers in all kinds of styles, shapes and sizes, so if you have a little outdoor seating area on your porch, The HomeCentric is sure to deliver!

    There you have it! 5 really easy, yet extremely fun Halloween porch decorations that will make you your neighbor’s envy!

    Happy Halloween from The HomeCentric family!

  • Bring The Fall Fever Home With These Fun Decorating Tips

    Fall brings with it the promise of a warm, snuggled up mornings, hot chocolate by a crackling fire, warm toes and pumpkin pies. It also just happens to be the perfect time to give your home a cozy little makeover. The Home Centric shows you how to give your home the ideal fall spruce-up.

    1) Centerpiece settings: Complete with pine cones, fall foliage, and the works. And they’re so easy to incorporate into your décor as well! There’s nothing that says fall’s here as adequately as the sight of pine, burnt orange maple leaves and the smell of cinnamon and cloves hanging the air.

    2) Pumpkin lanterns: All set to carve your pumpkins for Halloween? Well, as exciting as that is, what’s even more exciting is carving out these pumpkins as a family together. It’s actually really simple and you could get your kids to help you out with this as well. Toast the seeds and enjoy them as a fun snack, bake some pie, adorn your front porch with lit up lanterns to truly welcome fall.

    3) Luxurious pillows: We don’t know what it is about fall, but something about it just makes us think about the soft, plush comfort of luxurious fabrics. And that’s right where The Home Centric steps in. We offer a wide selection of pillow covers in different kinds of styles, fabrics, shapes and sizes. But this fall, we’re completely in love with rich velvet pillow covers. Choose from amongst gorgeous burgundies, wines, gold and purples to add pizzazz to your fall décor.

    4) Experiment with mantel décor: Heirloom pumpkins, burlap runners, potted poinsettias, gilded branches, crimson berries and colorful wreaths are a great and really simple way to bring fall fever home. Throw in some a twinkling string lights and you have a cozy living room, bursting with light and warmth.

    5) Creative candle jars: You know what’ll look really pretty in the midst of all those pine cones, berries and maple leaves? Gorgeous scented candles in large candle holders. You can totally get creative with what you do with these candle jars. You could tie beautiful golden ribbons around the jar, stuff it with acorn, use bendable twigs to make bows around the jar or do just about anything you like. Each day can be different and what’s more? You can have tons of fun doing it!

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