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  • How to Makeover your House with Splashes of Yellow

    To celebrate the beautiful season of spring, brighten up the atmosphere in your home with shades of yellow. Yellow symbolizes optimism, joy and enthusiasm – all necessary to bring about change. Here are a few ways you can spread cheer throughout your home with yellow.

    Place sunflowers, daylilies, tulips, daffodils, golden rods or any other flowers around your home – in the living room in a vase, in your bedroom in a bowl with water, in flower pots near windows, on the dining table in old wine bottles. Brighten up any corner with a few well-chosen flowers.If you feel as if you won’t have the time to keep replacing them, buy fake but pretty flowers and do the same.
    Throw Pillows
    Pillows are a sure way to bring a splash of color to any setting. In honor of spring, use pillow covers that are brightly colored on your living room couch, chairs and in the bedrooms. If you would like, create a small sitting area on the floor with a soft mattress and adorn it with yellow throw pillows. Make it look as comfortable and inviting as you can for someone to enjoy a little spring break after a hard day of spring cleaning.
    Drapes and Bed Covers
    It’s important to remember we only want to brighten up the place, not blind somebody from all the yellow. Use bed covers and duvets that only have hint of yellow on them – in a pretty pattern or in embroidered flowers. To complement the yellows in your bedroom and living room put up bright yellow drapes on the windows. Tame them with white or other pastel colored drapes on the sides so they don’t look too garish.
    Miscellaneous Items
    Yes, this means anything yellow goes! If you have yellow colored ornaments – little figurines, toys or anything you don’t mind showcasing, place them on mantles, in display cases and on tabletops next to the pretty flowers. You can even do this in the bathroom by using yellow toilet seat covers, yellow toothbrushes, even yellow soap! Just remember, the evidence of your spring makeover should be sprinkled around your home rather than appear on every surface
    Mats/Carpets/Rugs/Table Runners

    Place a yellow “Welcome” mat outside your front door; use lemon yellow bath mats and towels. Table runners is a great way to add some life to your living room or kitchen spaces – place yellow ones for spring and summer, orange for fall and green and red ones when Christmas comes around.

    Rugs also make a huge difference to the appearance of a room – so when spring and pollen are in the air put some yellow rugs down and enjoy your happy and bright new living space.

  • It’s Time for Spring Decoration!

    Spring is now already in full swing and but it’s not too late to get in on the spring cleaning makeover. What comes to mind when you think of spring? Bright colors, flower blossoms, growth and change are just some things we associate with it.

    There are plenty of ways to imbue your home with the atmosphere of spring. Even the littlest changes in your home décor can make a difference. You can begin to by trying any of the following suggestions.

    Spring is the time when flowers begin to bloom and bees spread pollen (and allergies) on light breezes. Bring some of that nature into your home by placing pillow covers with embroidered flowers on couches, chairs, divans and beds.
    Place easy to maintain flowers and plants in pretty flower pots around and outside your home. Money plant vines, ferns, even flowering cacti (try to avoid peyote), can bring a sense of growth and freshness into your home.
    Do-It-Yourself projects have become an inspiration to many creative people all over the world. You can use your talent for arts and crafts to create lanterns, lampshades, paintings, flower pots or even dye some old sheets to create bright curtains or tablecloths. Place your projects around your home to give it the flair of creativity.
    Bookshelves are themselves beautiful for a home full of bookworms. To brighten it up and make it eye catching, apply a bright and bold wallpaper to the interior panels. It immediately turns into a focal point of the room, something the whole family can enjoy.
    Another place for wallpaper besides the bookshelf is the ceiling. A pretty, lively and patterned wallpaper on the ceiling can brighten up the whole room and be a source of marvel for any guest. With such a big change in the look, you won’t have to do much else to bring spring into the room.
    The fabrics in your home are a big source of color and contribute largely to the feel of the house. On curtains, bed sheets, table runners and rugs use cheerful, cool colors with floral designs to give your home a light and breezy atmosphere.

    Be as creative as you like with DIY projects and all things nature to bring the air of spring indoors.

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